Co-working Networking

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Select Office Suites is proud to be the pioneer of the Co-working industry, with over 20 years of experience in managing and providing Networking-based, Co-working in shared working environments. The ‘Living-Room’ style Co-working concept, where entrepreneurs worked in a cooperative, open environment, was first designed and offered by Select Office Suites management in 1991, and has since evolved into being the world’s leader, as the most successful and experienced Networking and Co-working community anywhere, with over 200 on-site networking events each year (see examples of the events in the videos below).Business Networking is an event where businesspeople come together to meet, prospect, build relationships, and exchange information designed to create business opportunities. Select Office Suites is the master of hosting and promoting Networking events, as well as informally serving as the ongoing clearinghouse and matchmaker for business leads and relationships.

Whereas Networking is a popular and valuable business activity, Co-working is a workplace lifestyle.
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Co-working is an extremely popular cooperative and business community-based officing arrangement, where formal and informal relationships are encouraged and promoted. There are many elements and characteristics that you’ll find at Co-working Communities and Jellies. Here are the values, brand and activities that Select Office Suites offers:

  • A strong sense of business-community spirit and cooperation among the member/clients
  • Periodic networking events and business development activities
  • Spirited social activities open to all member/clients of the shared space
  • Relative high-tech and Social Media literacy among members
  • A strong sense of eco-friendly and health-conscious lifestyles
  • A more relaxed, casual shared working environment where business attire is less important than self-expression, cooperation, generosity, creativity, enjoyment…and fresh-brewed coffee!

If these values and activities are important to you, then we want you to visit and join our quintessential Co-working community…since 1991, successfully managing our unique brand of professional Co-working, Networking and cooperative business support services.