Meeting Rooms

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As a member of our community you will have access to 20 free-usage meetings rooms.

At Chelsea, there is Conference Room 1 (The Board Room) which accommodates 8 to 16 people; Conference Rooms 2 and 3 accommodate up to 10 people, meeting rooms 18, 40 and 56 accommodate up to 4 people, Interview Room 10 accommodates up to 4 people, and The TV Lounge can hold semi-private meetings and tele-viewing gatherings for up to 8 people.

We also feature an on-site conference center that can accomodate up to 100 people, for hourly or daily rental.

At our neighboring facility right across the street, the New York City Seminar & Conference Center, you can have access to 12 additional rooms, which includes: 10 seminar / meeting rooms and two break rooms, which flexibly accommodate groups of 6 to 200 people, at an additional cost. Our Madison Square Park facility has six additional conference rooms that can accommodate 12 people.

You’ll never have to worry about your conference room needs at Select Office Suites.

And, while you’re meeting, enjoy a catered meal or refreshments from either our on-site privately-owned cafe The Blue Heron Bistro for anything from sandwiches, refreshments and snacks for up to 20 people, to a coffee and continental breakfast set-up for as little as two people. Or you can order from our neighbors down the street at the Garden of Eden, or from any of a number of restaurants that cater in the area. You can use our Concierge+Plus services to help you cater your meetings.