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Why Select


We Do All The Heavy Lifting

At Select Office Suites, we provide you with an array of services and amenities so that you’re free to concentrate on whatever it is that you do for a living . . . while we handle all the rest. We provide the staffing, structure and support, while you spend your time being more productive, and make more money with less to worry about!Select Office Suites takes care of all of these things for you — on-site, with staff on-duty 24/7/365 — and with a smile. That’s why we say “Relax…SOS helps you every step of the wayWE NEVER CLOSE, and we’re proud to be #1 in the industry when it comes to attentiveness, customer service and hospitality. Featured in National Public Radio’s documentary program “The Next Big Thing”, for its unique environment where entrepreneurs cooperate and love to work at.

What We Offer

Attractive, Bright, Clean And Well-Appointed, Furnished Offices, In A Casual Yet Elegant Environment: Marble and granite lobbies; bright hardwood floors; taupe French windows in every room; a happy staff to greet you, your colleagues and clients — SOS offers an attractive, friendly and warm setting for your business to call home.Flexible Terms — And The Ability To Expand On Demand: Whether you need an office for a year, half-year, month, week, day, or by the hour, SOS has the right plan for you. And whenever you’re adding to staff and ready to take on a bigger room, and additional room, a team room, or many more rooms, just let us know. With over 200 offices, SOS is instantly scalable and flexible to meet your organization’s expansion needs. We even offer virtual office, Corporate I.D. and part-time office usage plans, while you consider your full-time office options.No Long-Term Lease Signing Necessary – move-in in 20 minutes: Select Office Suites is the perfect place to grow your business, especially if your not sure when and how quickly your business will expand, and if you don’t want to lock yourself into a long-term lease elsewhere while the pacing of your organization’s growth is a work-in-progress. And you can tour, sign, and move-in in just 20 minutes!Mail Receipt: We receive and send out packages and mail for you, even when you’re not in.


Select Office Suites was founded in New York City in 1996 with an idea to build a different type of workplace. It had to be a place where people would look forward to coming to each day…not the typical office environment. After working in traditional office environments for many years, the original founders wanted to create a truly better office. They wanted to build a collaborative community of people who could get to know each other on both a professional and personal level. They wanted to make the workplace more enjoyable..more exciting. This is why our locations are filled with lounges, cafes, and endless common areas. This is also why we focus so tirelessly on creating a community of people who can work together on many levels.
In order for this concept to work and continue to grow we truly had to believe in our motto. After almost 2 decades and several major expansions later, there is no end in sight. We are proud of our 25 employees and the amazing service they provide by managing our nearly 500 office suites. We are also proud of the community we have built and the relationships and friendships that have been created along the way. It’s been an interesting ride and we look forward to many years to come with you!

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